112.Contemporary Anodised Aluminium, Silver and Steel Necklace


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Contemporary Anodised Aluminium, Silver and Steel Designer Necklace.

This designer necklace has a front fastening with becomes a design feature when worn.
To open the necklace gently ease your finger into the opening and pop the small bead out of the hole.
To close the Designer Necklace slip the small bead back into the opening and let it click into place under the hole. Ease the gap slightly, taking care not to stretch the opening, if necessary to allow the bead access.

This Designer Necklace in Silver, Steel and Aluminium can be supplied by Helen Swan Jewellery in other colours as Helen Swan Jewellery dyes all the aluminium to order.
Please get in touch at 0141 959 5586b if you wish to discuss other options

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